What Is A Libertarian

April 20, 2010

As John Stossel points out in the following video, not many people still know what a libertarian is, let alone whether they agree or disagree with the libertarian stance.

Stossel does a pretty good job there of defining what libertarians stand for, in general.  To further define the term, and the movement, libertarians simply feel that the liberty of the individual, not the power of government or any other group of people, is the ultimate goal.  They believe, therefore, that each individual has full and total ownership of themselves, their abilities, and the products (property, such as money, land, etc) produced by their efforts/work.  To that end, libertarians believe that small, efficient government that protects people from theft or violence through force or fraud, but otherwise stays out of the lives of individuals, is the best way to secure that liberty, and in turn prosperity and happiness.